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Right Care, Right Person

Right Care, Right Person

Right Care Right Person (RCRP) aims to ensure vulnerable people get the right support from the right emergency services. It applies to calls for service about:

  • concern for the welfare of a person
  • people who have walked out of a healthcare setting
  • people who are absent without leave (AWOL) from mental health services
  • medical incidents

Police forces in England and Wales are now in the process of rolling this out and whilst they will still respond where it is appropriate for them to be involved, police will only be involved for as long as is necessary, and in conjunction with health and/or social care services.

Significant engagement is taking place between Police forces and partners across Wales to ensure mapping of service resilience takes place, as a Network we would encourage all partners to ensure this engagement is taking place with the right people within your organisations.

For more information please follow the link to the Right Care Right Person toolkit | College of Policing

Case Study:

For more information on how Right Care, Right Person has been implemented in Humberside Police please view the Right Care Right Person – Humberside Police | College of Policing with video for more information.