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Category: Equalities, Inclusion and Cohesion

Winners of the Equalities, Inclusion and Cohesion category

Promotion of equality is integral to building community cohesion. Local cohesion may be undermined where some groups have different experiences or outcomes to others. It is important to tackle inequalities and related issues, such as fostering good relations across and between communities and supporting efforts to prevent extremism and tackle hate crime, including against those with protected characteristics.

Winner: Swansea Council’s Local Area Coordination Team, led by Jon Franklin.

The vision of Local Area Coordination is that all people live in welcoming communities that provide friendship, mutual support, equity and opportunities for everyone. It is a person-centred, community-based approach that recognises the value and potential of every individual. Offering personalised support, not a one-size-fits-all approach, focusing on what matters most to the individual or family. Promoting the idea that strong, inclusive, resilient communities are the foundation for individual well-being and social cohesion, keeping people safe and confident. They worked with 1,800 people in 2022 including helping those exploited into the sex industry, those going through hard times and were integral in working with Councillors, faith leaders and community groups to set up ‘warm spaces’ where people could meet in a safe and warm environment.

Highly Commended: Flip the Streets – Swansea Council Community Cohesion and Dr. Lella Nouri, Swansea University.

The Flip the Streets project works with young people to inspire residents and communities to participate, through art, in transforming spaces in their community to promote and strengthen community cohesion. It links to other Positive Messages and Art in the City. The project has been promoted and supported by the Community Integration & Partnership team and the first project was funded through Race Council Cymru, The Arts Council of Wales and led by Swansea University.