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Category: VAWDASV

Winners of the VAWDASV category

VAWDASV incorporates Violence Against Women and Girls, Domestic Abuse, Rape and Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Female Genital Mutilation, Honour based violence, Forced Marriage, Stalking, Trafficking and other forms of violence. All genders can be victims and/or perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

Winner: Inspector Claire McGrady from North Wales Police who is the force lead for Violence Against Women and Girls.

Wrexham city centre was a hotspot in North Wales for specific Violence Against Women and Girls offences, spanning across the night-time economy surrounding the city centre where the public felt unsafe. Inspector McGrady was the lead policing representative who commenced a campaign of building a collaboration, relationships, and ultimate successful funding bids. Leading on the delivery of bystander training for all city centre licensed premises, the launch of Hafan y Dref Welfare Centre to operate on Fridays as well as Saturdays, Street Marshalls and preventative policing including schools programmes all of which has resulted in an improved and sustainable visible presence of officers, public engagement and dealing with dynamic incidents as they occur, such as Domestic related and Public Order in the city centre in order to deter and detect offences as well as directing vulnerable people to the right locations.

Highly Commended: West Wales Community Champions Programme a partnership led by the West Wales Domestic Abuse Services, alongside Calan Domestic Violence Service, Threshold, Montgomery Family Crisis Centre and Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Service.

The Champions educational programme raises awareness of stalking, harassment and hate crimes, working towards creating safer communities, encouraging participants to become Upstanders and report as appropriate. This has had a significant positive impact on the Mid and West Wales communities with increased awareness and confidence in tackling inappropriate behaviour including in the night-time economy.